Mens Gilet

A mens gilet is a sleeveless jacket that bears a resemblance to a vest. They usually vary in length, with some gilets stopping at the waist, while other styles may come down to the knee. A mens gilet can supply you with the warmth you need on cooler days and nights. More fashionable gilets are usually made of fake fur, while others may be knitted or made from cloth. There are also more sporting mens gilets that are made of fleece and are often windproof. You will also find mens gilets inside a number of high end hiking jackets, which present the feature of being able to be zipped on and off. There are also gilets made for bicycle racing that come with mesh backs and windproof fronts, as well as shooting gilets that are made of leather and are more rugged.

Mens gilets are preferable for those who want to keep warm, but also want to keep their arms free. There are down mens gilets that come in a variety of colors and offer wind resistance as well as the ability to repel water. They can be found with both zippers or buttons and the pockets are lined to be able to keep your hands warm. There are also padded gilets that offer extra insulation for colder weather, and are even available with a ribbed hem. Some gilets can also be found with a lycra bound hem.

You may find that some mens gilets match up wonderfully with corduroy, leather, and tweed. Other mens gilets could be the perfect complement to a pair of jeans. There are also what are known as trekking gilets that have a breathable finish and are both stain and water resistant. One of the top qualities of mens gilets is that they are normally very light, providing easy movement without the feeling of being weighed down.

Though they are sometimes overlooked, a mens gilet offers the perfect protection from the wind and is a highly effective piece of clothing. They supply comfort while performing almost any activity while still giving you more freedom to move, since there are no sleeves to hold back your arm movements. Many have high collars, which adds to your protection against wind and rain. This means it can be the perfect jacket for many outdoor activities, and something that can be worn everyday.

There are mens cotton gilets that can be perfect for a day of golf, and there are other gilets that may even come with the insignia of your favorite sports team. There are also many mens gilets that can look fashionable and still keep you warm by wearing them under a sports jacket. Whatever your style, there is a mens gilet that will be perfect for you. These types of jackets can not only give you the ability to stay warm, but also supply freedom of movement, which is something that can not be said for many other types of jackets.